Avoid Repeated Incidents, PSSI Promises Increase Stadium Security

Avoid Repeated Incidents, PSSI Promises Increase Stadium Security

Secretary General of PSSI, Queen Tisha asked for discussion of incident of death of national team supporter, Catur Yuliantono not protracted. He also promised PSSI will pay more attention to security issues during the game.

As is known, Catur Yuliantono died after being hit by firecrackers while watching the match timna Indonesia Vs Fiji at the Patriot Stadium, Bekasi, Saturday (02/09/2017). Although was rushed to the hospital but his life was not helped.

The police also intervened and had arrested the firecrackers. The perpetrator was arrested on Monday (4/9/2017) and is known as Andrian Rico Palupi aged 25 years.

“The appreciation to the police for crime scene until finally arrested the perpetrators Hopefully there is increasing synergy between police and PSSI,” said Queen Tisha in a press conference at the Office of PSSI in Jakarta, Tuesday (5/9/2017).

“Going forward, we make sure there will be improvements in the management of the game,” Queen Tisha added.

Furthermore, he ensures PSSI has been on the right track in terms of improving the implementation of the game. He also revealed, PSSI will work with relevant agencies to ensure the security of the game more secure.

“The security of football is there, but the PSSI can not work alone.” In the future, this will be a special attention in the area of ​​fans engagement, “said Queen Tisha.

Regardless of the incident, Queen Tisha said PSSI in the near future has an important agenda other than the security of the game. For that, he also asked for discussion about the incidence of the death of Chess is not protracted.

“Our agenda is very solid within the next 25 days, firstly we are chosen to be a neutral venue for AFF U-16 qualifiers at Wibawamukti Stadium, the second is the AFF council meeting on 21 to 23 September in Bali,” said Ratu Tisha.

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