Persita Supporter Killed, PSSI Berdukacita and Immediately Take Action

Persita Supporter Killed, PSSI Berdukacita and Immediately Take Action

Football Association of Indonesia (PSSI) expressed sorrow over the death of Persita supporters Tangerang, Banu Rusman, on Thursday (12/10/2017).

Banu died of being a victim in a riot between players after the 2nd League match between host Persita versus PSMS Medan at Mini Cibinong Stadium, Bogor Regency, Wednesday (10/11/2017) afternoon WIB.

Previously, Banu was rushed to RSUD Cibinong and received medical action.

Related to the incident, Secretary General of PSSI, Ratu Tisha Destria, expressed condolence and will act quickly to take a decision related to the incident.

“We extend our condolences and deep sorrow,” said Tisha, who received news of Persita supporters on the sidelines of preparations for the finals of Pertamina Soeratin Cup in Yogyakarta, as in a release received on Friday (13/10/2017).

“For the other victims who are currently hospitalized, we pray that heal well and hope this incident does not recur,” he said.

In addition, Queen Tisha also said that related events riots that cause supporters died, PSSI will take action.

“Violence or unrest yesterday is a case of discipline of competition, God willing, in this case the PSSI Discipline Commission immediately convened to take the right decision,” said Tisha.

Sympathy is also expressed by Vice Chairman of PSSI, Joko Driyono.

Joko even went straight to the house of the deceased to express his grief directly to the victim’s family.

According to Joko, this problem is very serious and so important material in anticipation plan in the remaining few games forward.

“The PSSI Executive Committee will explore this so get the formulation (competition system) for the next season,” said Joko.

Previously, the chaos in the match between Persita versus PSMS Medan started when both sides of supporters were seen attacking each other after the referee blew the long whistle marked the end of the game.

Persita supporters Tangerang pushed into the green field to protest against the club management.

The situation heats up when there is a stones throw from the audience bench.

Action throwing stones between both supporters Persita and PSMS was inevitable.

At the end of the game, Persita Tangerang who plays host to give 0-1 to PSMS Medan.

This victory brings Kinantan Chicken, nickname PSMS Medan, qualify for the 8th round of League 2 accompanying PSIS Semarang from Group B.

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