Scolari Supports Ancelotti Train Evergrande

Scolari Supports Ancelotti Train Evergrande

Former Brazil national team manager, Luiz Filipe Scolari, reportedly supports Carlo Ancelotti to become coach of Chinese origin, Guangzhou Evergande.

Not long ago the German giants, decided to sack Ancelotti from his post, due to not being able to help Bayern Munich compete in the Champions League.

However, according to the news circulating today, several big bids are waiting Ancelotti to return to coach.

Scolari considers Ancelotti can help Evergrande to achieve success in every season.

In an interview, Scolari said “I have great hopes Ancelotti wants to train Chinese clubs.”

“I think Evergrande classmates want to recruit Ancelotti as his coach.”

“Moreover, my contract will run out at Evergrande. Of course Ancelotti can replace me here. ”

“Before I leave China, I will try to give my best to Evergrande.”

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